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Unique Bathtub Shower Design

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Unique Bathtub Shower Design

Unique Bathtub Shower Design

Bathroom design is fun and with so many beautiful styles and ideas to choose from, you can’t go wrong. A tub and shower combination is ideal when you want to maximize bathroom space. Sometimes it can be difficult to choose one over the other. But it shouldn’t be. Whether you are looking to decorate your bathroom or redesign it from scratch, this article will help you find an arrangement that best suits your tastes.

When looking in a shower and tub combination, you need to make sure that you have enough space to work. You don’t want to commit to a single idea and change it halfway because there isn’t enough space to create what you’re envisioning. So what do you do when space is an issue? Glass walls. A one-piece divider will cut unnecessary edging and door frames. This type of partition allows more flexibility and accessibility. Instead of creating two separate rooms, you can create an area that will house both the tub and the shower while maintaining the overall aesthetic. Bathrooms with a glass partition seem more spacious because the fluidity of the decor is not disturbed by solid walls.

Unique Bathtub Shower Design

Unique Bathtub Shower Design

Rock-solid designs

Many home designers choose to include stones in their designs. This particular technique is ideal for homes with a more angular style. Rock inspired bathroom designs are unique because they are inspired by nature. The Beautiful Remodel design (above) isn’t seen every day. It divides the bathroom into a small cellar where one person can take a private shower. If you find the glass partitions too revealing, this stone shower enclosure is a great alternative.

If cost weren’t a factor, so many people would turn their bathroom into a stone cave. Don’t worry, there is a way around the problem. By incorporating grayscale color combinations, you can stay within your budget while still having the bathroom of your dreams.

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