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Parks Design Ideas

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Small Parks Design Ideas

The design of small parks focuses specifically on parks of less than 10 hectares. Small parks, like all parks, must take into account the needs and wishes of a large number of users. Unlike large parks, these uses must be designed effectively for a smaller and often less diverse space. Management and funding are also important concerns, as is the case for large parks. However, since small parks tend to be physically smaller, they come from a limited user base in the region.

Designing for all potential user groups. And expected user need is an important step in proactively resolving any problems. That arise and helping to ensure a stable and long-term future for the park. Many small parks share a number of amenities and, if designed with care and attention, can make a significant contribution to the long-term success of a small park. The picnic areas offer a specific destination in a small park and bring users at different times of the day.

Small Parks Design Ideas

Picnic Areas

Picnic benches are particularly important meeting places for Hispanic families. Other easily overlooked but still, important issues are accessibility, shade, and walking to and from picnic areas. The provision of social meeting points in a cultural and historical park will help to define the use of the park which is not solely based on tourism and to better integrate the place into the surrounding community.

According to the Phillips Park design guidelines, landscaping should represent at least 10% of the parking lot design. With at least one tree for every 10 parking spaces. While this may be considered suitable for more temperate climates. It is much more important to provide shade in desert parking lots. Both for people and cars using the property. And for the contribution of the asphalt parking lot medium to an urban area. Heat to reduce the island effect. Plantations and trees in parking lots can also serve as privacy screens for a surrounding residential area

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