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Courtyard Garden Design Ideas

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Courtyard Garden Design Ideas

Courtyard Garden Design Ideas

Courtyard gardens, surrounded on all sides by walls or fences, can turn a cramped space into an oasis. They maintain privacy and welcome the sunlight. They make even the smallest house appear bigger. Due to the shape of the yard and to keep the centerline parallel to the house, there were two center lines. One centerline from the back of the garden and the other center line from the center of the front of the garden. When you start sketching the garden design, it helps to keep the shapes as simple as possible. Simple shapes make it easier to see how much you’re using the available space and that everything is proportional to start with.

Before you finish your design, you need to make sure that everything is lined up the way it should and that the paths are the same width. Check again by measuring everything you have drawn. A few millimeters on paper can represent ten centimeters on the floor. You may not notice this is incorrect on paper, but it will show up when the garden is laid out.

Courtyard Garden Design Ideas

Courtyard Garden Design Ideas

Small Garden

When you’re in a small garden, working vertically is a lifesaver – but this clever trick works in larger spaces too. Potted plants not only brighten stepladders (and hide ugly walls), but flowers on different levels bring a higher level of interest and energy to even the smallest of spaces. So be creative with organizing your containers as these are the most flexible planting option!

A great example of how to work with what you have is proof that you can really crash anywhere. Before you take them out, think about ways to reuse old wheelbarrows or even dumpster grills as decorative plant containers. You may need to drill some drainage holes, but once these are sorted, fill them with a series of leaves. Try hosta, caladiums, ornamental grass, or choose a mix of wildflowers for more color and texture. Economical and fabulous.

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Courtyard Design Ideas

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