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Balcony Garden Ideas

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Urban Balcony Garden Ideas

A garden with a balcony is no stranger to urban apartments. If you live in a big city where a garden is not an option, you will probably have to rely on nearby parks for your daily dose of green. The desire to have a little nature in your own home is a very common wish, but it can be difficult to create a garden in a small apartment. If your urban apartment has a balcony, you can use it to create a unique garden rich in plants and therefore rich in green! Let yourself be inspired by these incredible gardens of green balconies that show the true effect of plants!

Balcony Garden

A balcony garden can cover a large part of your small outdoor spaces as soon as it fully flowers. The protective shield created by green creates a more intimate and secure space and offers you privacy between large apartment complexes. A garden with a minimalist balcony is a great addition to any modern apartment that also wants natural elements. If you want to keep the room open and spacious, place the potted plants near the railing!Urban Balcony Garden Ideas

As soon as everything is completely clean and dry. Bring your things to the balcony. But this time, try to organize things differently. Hang the lanterns elsewhere, swap the locations of the planters. Place the chairs face to face and not side by side. In this way, the arrangement seems new and very refreshing. This is one of the easiest ideas to implement for the renovation of balconies! Would you like your balcony to be larger? No, you don’t have to push the walls. Just follow a few tips: make sure the walls are painted so they look more spacious. Also, save space by growing plants vertically. Hanging and railing planters are ideal for this purpose. Also, use folding furniture. If possible, install a large mirror to create an illusion of space

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